Port Douglas: Lure Cafe

On the eve of the Great Barrier Reef tour departure, I decided to tickle my breakfast critic at the closest cafe. And the Lure didn’t disappoint.

Lure Cafe

Lure Cafe

The Lure cafe is positioned well on the Port Douglas Marina. Their staff were attentive and their food was well priced for a tourist spot.

Best Breakfast Kick off

Best Breakfast Kick off

I got the Eggs with sourdough, bacon, tomatoes and worsechire sauce and a large latte.

Lure Cafe Breakfast

Lure Cafe Breakfast

The eggs were cooked well, and even though I had asked for fried, they made it a little runny. Whilst I originally thought this was bad, when I realised it was soaking into the sourdough bread, it became completely amazing. The bacon was succulent, not cooked to the point of being crisp but neither not undercooked that it was limp. And those tomatoes. I couldn’t believe they maintained their shape when it was cooked. It was juicy and absolutely tender. Definitely recommend it!

Lure Cafe Latte

Lure Cafe Latte

The latte was below average. But then again, I was hoping for something stronger and wanted to see what a normal latte comes out as. And it wasn’t as strong as I normally have or am accustomed to in Melbourne (using the latte from Pok Pok as my benchmark from the barista named Jason). Don’t get me wrong, it was still a delectable cup.

If I were to go back, I wouldn’t get their coffee. But without a shadow of doubt, I would go back for the breakfast.

TDT Foodie Scale: 3.5/5

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