A Midsummers Night's Dream

Bits and bobs: Now introducing maps!

Seeing as I’m new to this entire thing, I’m slowly working my way through all the nicer points of a blog. Like understanding what is aesthetically pleasing (I can’t believe I said that) versus factual information. There seems to be a fine balance that I just haven’t obtained yet. ALTHOUGH! Having said that, I found out how to add maps to a blog.

You know, those things that are needed when you’re going somewhere… I know, I had a facepalm moment when I realised it myself. But that’s ok, my blog and I are still growing.

To show off my nifty new skills, I’ll be visiting the Shrine of Remembrance to commemorate ANZAC day 2013. If you get the chance, come on down. Having watched the service on TV, and experienced other live versions of things, I know that nothing will compare to being part of the march. Hope to see you there.

Lest We Forget.


Hiya! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for a great & inexpensive way to travel and visit all things. Given the current climate, becoming frugal has a higher emphasis than it ever was. However that doesn’t mean we should put an end to all travel. Whilst I am still a fledgling adventurer, there is never a “bad time” to start. And it’s always great to start at home. Hence, I decided to look around my own backyard: Melbourne. This site is intended to check out some of the best things that Melbourne has to offer.

They say that the best things in life are free. So I hope I can inspire you to enjoy Melbourne as much as I do. You’ll find plenty of interesting things about the city!


What makes a place great? Well here are a few suggestions that I use to answer that very question. Plus to keep the cost down I’ve set a limit to spending money. Please note that all currency is in AUD. So here they are:

1. Spending money: $50

Some might say that it’s a lot. But $50 (AUD) doesn’t stretch too far. But if you’re smart with it, you can. Remember this is for the WHOLE trip and not just “spending money”. Fear not, I’ll show you how to streeeeeeetch it that little further. And whilst this is based for a single person, I believe you just multiply it per person in your journey. If you’re travelling with a child…I’m considering if you can split it in half…but I’ll report back once I do more research on that.

2. Travel on a Sunday via Public Transport.

Yeah, if you’re not a “train” person – well parking in the city is around $8-$12/hour. Then consider the cost of petrol of driving to the city. (I know it depends where you’re coming from – the closer you are, the cheaper it is. But I tried to make it fair for everyone.) As such, travel to the city is always cheapest on Sunday. Here you can find the cost of ticket. The best thing about Melbourne’s transport system is that you can use one ticket across the trains, trams and buses – I know… AWESOME!

UPDATE: Well apparently, it’s the one fare for the weekend ($3.30). Finally MyKi has come through!

3. Sample the local cuisine.

You’ve taken the time to go to some place that’s piqued your curiosity. If you really want to get into the spirit of the place, why not spoil your taste buds with some of the local delicacies? I’m not saying that fast food isn’t convenient. But you can always get it, at any time and it’s the same from place to place. So why go for the dull, boring, the usual? Take a chance!

4. The place

a. Access to public transport.

If we are going to travel via public transport, well the location must have easy public accessibility.

b. Atmosphere.

This can make or break a place. It’s all based on the people around it.