Things I’ve learned in Queensland

Travelling has a lot of positives. And vagabonding seems to be more and more enticing. But here are a few things I’ve learned on my latest trip

7 days in a car with 5 people is more than enough. I love these guys but seriously. Won’t lie, you really do get to know a person this way.

Covering close to 4000 kmsĀ  during the same time period? Holy crap.

I learned how to drive manual…on the sand….in a 4wd…. on Fraser Island…. started and changed gears without stalling… on my first go.

Oh and a bucket list item: jumped into a moving car….thrice. On the third go, nearly didn’t make it. Have to thank Pavla for literally saving me by the seat of my pants.

Swim – well float and backwards survival stroke. This enabled me to swim under the waterfall at Crystal Cascade and be gutsy enough to try my first ever waterslide.

The best way to learn another language is to immerse yourself in that country & culture. In which case, we should all be learning German. So many German tourists everywhere….

I drove long distance at night missing 3 suicidal kangaroos and one truck driver that didn’t believe his road should be shared with cars.

This country is magical no matter which way you look at it. Be it a sunrise on a beach or a sunset from a mountain top.

Finally… to be happy? Do what you want and let go. Realise you cannot control everything but choosing to go with the flow makes everything a whole lot easier.

Be crazy, laugh, love, live! There’s no better time to be alive than RIGHT NOW! So what are you waiting for?

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