Bits and Bobs: Hacking the habit loop and other goodies

I thought I could give up on this project, but there is something in writing that is very cathartic. Plus it gives me a great reason to get out of the hum drum of everyday life. Admittedly, this post is dedicated to the Canadian couple on flight back from Queensland. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to get back onto the proverbial “horse”.

Couple of changes:
1. I’m going back to posting every Thursday about something exciting around Melbourne.
2. Seems like even though there is plenty of information out there on how to work your camera, there is no succinct list on all the capabilities in one space (keep an eye out, I’ll be creating a mailing list and giving away the list for free). I’ll be posting any of those tips on Tuesdays. This won’t only be related to camera tips but a whole raft of things including things I have successfully tried to implement like habits and other fun stuff.
3. I’ve learned that people are basically extremely busy and need timeframes on their trips. I will be adding this in to all my posts (including previous ones) and look in to ways on how you can “create-your-own-adventure” styled tour from my posts. (caveat – not sure if it’s possible, but then again, that’s what they said about reaching outer space…)

I’m so excited to let you guys know that I’m writing a novel (I know a few of my friends who are audibly sighing the words “finally”). Talk is cheap and all that. It’s part of NANOWRIMO. If you haven’t gotten on there, then I’d highly recommend it. And yes, once it’s done, I’ll let you guys know when you can read it!

I honestly feel like the world is a place full of opportunities and all it takes is for you to reach out and grab it.

Capre Diem!

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