Bits and Bobs: Whoops and Happy New Year

I was wondering why no one was visiting my blog…. for the first time I was ahead of schedule and my statistics were not ticking over. Being the analytical kinda guy, I was wondering what happened. Then I checked the post thread.

I had written it with the expectation that once I finished my post, that it would automatically be published at the prescribed time. Unfortunately, when I chose the base post to copy… it didn’t have that feature set. *facepalm*

So after promising that I would post every Thursday (and yes I have 4 posts raring to go), I was left feeling unloved. Ah well. Chalking it down to lessons learned.

The first post will definitely be about Christmas in Melbourne.

And I want to wish you all, my dear readers a Happy New Year where all your dreams come true. Every desire and every success, sowed with hard work may yield the outcomes that you deserve.

Here’s to 2014 being the best year yet!

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