How to never got lost on Public Transport in Melbourne with these 2 FREE apps

“Failure to plan is planning to fail.”

Of course, this flies in the face of being spontaneous but for now, let’s understand the basic idea and we can then discuss the intricacies of philosophy later.

I reckon, to truly enjoy a place, you need a rough guide on getting to the place. Once you’re there… you ditch the phone/map and ask the questions of the locals and see how you go. Best way to meet some new people and to practice your language skills. Cultural experience + language learning = AWESOME experience.

Here are the top 2 apps for Melbourne that will get you there. To be fair, I only started using them both last year and I’ve come to love the first app more than the second. Partially cause… well, you’ll see.

Train trapper [free] –

Train Trapper App

Train Trapper App

I don’t know how I survived without this app for so long. This gives you live updates of the Melbourne metro train services. Melbourne also has a regional network, but this app does not cover it. I’m on the hunt for one, and will update this page with my discoveries. The beauty of this app is that it relies on people to send updates of delayed trains and because most people are awesome, you always get reliable information… MOST of the time. The most accurate responses come on when there are major events in the city. You know how it is. People only ever gripe when things are going bad. I’d highly recommend getting the paid app if you can. This guy is doing the world a massive favour. Accurate information, on time, makes for better decisions.

Tram tracker [free] –

Tram Tracker

Tram Tracker

Admittedly I found this app not to be very useful in comparison to train trapper. I’m only recommending this one as there is no better alternative. Maybe I can convince the train trapper guy to make one for trams. Seriously. To be fair, I’m still working out how it all hangs together and here is the basic premise. If you know the stop number on the route nearest to where you are staying this can be valuable information. Especially when it comes to planning trips or if you’re deciding how much time you have before you need to leave. Just be weary that if you want the opposite direction, you’ll have to get the station number on the other side of the platform. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS. Each tram stop has it’s own number. It’s the last thing you need on your journey back. Or maybe that’s a new journey to be had in itself.

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