The Last Free Guided Tour In Melbourne

It’s not everyday that you get informed about a free tour in your hometown from someone else. And if an interstate friend raves about how awesome the Melbourne tour is, perhaps you’d want to check it out too.

First of all, in all sincerity, it is FREE. It works on tips and to be honest, you’d want to tip big. These people do an amazing job and it’s only their love for the city that allows them to keep doing something like this. Based on my research, this literally is the last “Free Melbourne” Tour, having 3 other companies, it’s only come down to this one. So, if you’re a local or a tourist. Make sure you get down to this place.

For more information and booking click here to get the details. Although you don’t need to book and can happily just walk up, I would recommend you book if you’re going in a group.

What’s covered?
I would be spoiling the surprise now, wouldn’t I? But to whet your appetite here are the highlights. I would love to tell you everything I found out about this trip, but alas – I would be doing the tour a disservice. Please. I ask of you, nay, I beg you. Go. Seriously. Just go to one of these tours and you will not be disappointed. And it does go for 2.5 to 3 hours. So if you need some fresh air and exercise, then this is the right tour for you!

Now, let’s play a little game, I like to call “did you know….

State Library of Victoria – was the first library to be built by Sir Redmond Barry. Remember him, for all his womanising flaws, his perception of making Victoria a brainy state, started with his foresight and intuition.

Old Melbourne Gaol – is the place that Ned Kelly was hung. Don’t know who Ned Kelly is? The State Library of Victoria has a tour about him with the memorabilia they have of his every Wednesday at 1 pm. (Not sure about the cost but it was either a gold coin donation or $5). As our most famous bushranger, our librarian was the one to sit over his trial. And in those heady days of 1800s, the people of Victoria banded together to get 30,000 signatures to petition for his release. Imagine that. 30,000 signatures. Without social media. Wow. WOW. But Mr. Barry would have none of it and hung Ned. The fact that Sir Edmond Barry died soon after the trial, caused the rumour of the Kelly curse. Although if you look at his statue, he may have had a raging case of type 1 diabetes.

8 hour monument – It was some clever folks in Melbourne that came up with the concept of 8 hour days, overtime and such. Yes. You’re welcome.

Brunetti’s on Lygon Street – Whilst we didn’t go here. I would highly recommend you do and ensure you bring your wallet with you. The coffee is great, the cakes divine. Make sure you bring your insulin shots too.

Carlton Gardens – Here you’ll learn about our historical Royal Exhibition Building that pipped Paris to the World Fair in 1885. Paris held theirs in 1889 – the reason provided is they wanted to time it with the unveiling of the Eiffel Tower….but that’s dubious to me. Ah. Any excuse will do.

I’d go on, but this is enough for this post. The next one shall cover more of the tour along with tantalising photos.

As a reader, I would love your feedback. What other topic would you like me to cover?

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