Melbourne’s Best Takeaway Lunches

Everyone gets busy or sidetracked with life. And that is when the beauty of friendships and networks can really help. I reached out to Menulog to help me with a guest post this week to outline their recommended takeaway menu options in the heart of our city. Needless to say, I will be checking these out in time. The only tweak I’ve added is the map based locations. Enter Menulog.


There’s such a huge diversity of food in Melbourne these days that in the space of a single lunch hour you can pass by restaurants from all over the world. In fact, there are so many options that sometimes the hardest thing is choosing where to eat! Make sure you don’t waste any of your precious break time and check out this list of some of the best takeaway lunch options in Melbourne CBD.

Chinese: Ants Bistro

Freshly cooked food, generous portions and excellent dumplings make this busy little restaurant a lunchtime winner.

Indian: Carlton Curry House
Pumpkin Coconut Curry
If you like your curries rich and authentic then this is the place for you. Try the tender goat curry or the beef vindaloo and then quench the fire with a refreshing lassi.

Pizza: Errol’s Cafe
Simple food done well. The pizzas come highly recommended, but the salads and extensive range of desserts are also worth a try.

Thai: Le Bangkok Thai Restaurant
All the popular Thai classics are here, but don’t be afraid to branch out into something different. Try the khang khao phuak (taro pastry stuffed with shiitake mushrooms) or the moo yang num tok (marinated pork neck salad).

Vietnamese: Sonex Café
Handrolled Temaki
For a healthy Vietnamese lunch you can’t go past the Sonex Café. The soups and rice paper rolls are fresh, filling and absolutely delicious.

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