Your App Guide To Getting Around Melbourne

Coming to Melbourne requires a little bit of planning. And the key is to ensure you have the right information available at the right time.

With everything that has happened recently, I’ve decided to update my original recommendations. I’ll be updating the static page with this information instead.

Weather Apps


In Melbourne, there is truth behind the comment of 4 seasons in one day. It’s made me wonder, are we truly fashionable or forever prepared? So when it comes to weather forecasting, you take it with a grain of salt.

However you need this app for their Rainfall weather and it’s associated 21 and 28 days predictions.

Those have been most on point. As the day comes closer to the prediction, the accuracy tends to drop from the high 80% to somewhere about low 60%.

However the rain radar? Don’t leave home without it.

Google Weather

(credit to Dallas Thomas for the article and how to)
I think it’s because they have data available globally that their predictions have better accuracy. They are only ever out by 10% of the time.

In doing my research for this article, turns out that this app is also available in iOS. So happy days!


Windy is like the combination of the above 2 on steroids. And then some.

This is truly one of those all round apps. It includes the above plus snow, air quality, thunderstorms and of course wind direction.

It can be slightly intimidating but the learning curve is worth it for what this app can provide.

Air Quality by IQ Air

Due to the bushfires, air quality became an insane thing that we had to worry about. Whilst windy did a good job, I wasn’t always too happy with it.

IQ Air, deals mainly in air quality whilst also delivering humidity and wind data.

Their air quality app was such a lifesave and easy for anyone to navigate. Kudos to the Swedish team for building such an informative app.

Bonus: For a funny one WTF – What The Forecast

WTF is the NSFW of weather reporting. Download it and laugh discreetly. Some of tje humour is pretty low brow… well most of it is… so basically don’t laugh when you read it… especially in public

Getting Around

My recommendations for transportation hasn’t changed. You should still with:

Train Trapper and City Mapper


Train Trapper App

For all your train needs, check out Train Trapper. Better than any of the other apps out there. PLUS you don’t need to sign up for anything. The developer does a fantastic job so if you can get the paid version, it’s worthwhile.

For all other transport options, you should choose City Mapper.

For reviews on both of them – you can go to my previous review on this.

Driving: Google Maps

This one still maintains it’s awesomeness. Even better than the in-car ones too. Sometimes cars can have too much technology. Just keep Google Maps handy and an actual Map and you’ll be great. In Melbourne, the official one is called “Melways”. If you do decide to go off the beaten path, having an analogue option always helps. And who knows… you may actually learn to read a map too!!!

Nature parks

All Trails

This is by far the most comprehensive nature walk trails that I have found. I have earmarked a few that I want to tackle.

They even have filters for how long you’d like the route to take – couple of hours or a weekend. Really well designed.

Some people say you need to sign up. You don’t. Click the “x” in the top right corner and you’re on your way. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t believe everything you read.


VicEmergency App

This is Victoria’s safety/emergency alert app. It’s always handy for you to know about any kind of accident/emergency that is happening in the state. That way you can change your plans accordingly.

Are there any other apps you think you would add to this list? Please let me know.

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