All That Jazz

Call it serendipity or just plain damn luck!

Having been introduced to Jazz in all it’s forms in the last 2 years, I’ve always resolved to get to the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Given that I COMPLETELY missed out on last year’s event, I vowed to go to it this year. As usual, life got in the way and the little monthly reminders I had set up got overtaken by higher priorities. That was, until I decided to pick up my “research folder” and as it fell clumsily away from me, a blue book fell out emblazoned with “Melbourne International Jazz Festival 31 May – 09 June”. I steadied my beating heart. You see, I’m one of those people that enjoy reminding myself of what I had missed out especially when I really wanted something. So perhaps, it could be the last year. But then, there in bold letters it stated 2013. Hence my irregular posting update. For the first time, I’ll be getting to it before the event than after. Definitely felt like Gandalf

A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

The Melbourne International Jazz festival has been running for 40 years (in 2013). 40 years of sheer brilliance. For more information, check out I’ll be scoping out the free events which can be found directly here


The majority of the events are being held at Federation Square. You know, I should really do a piece on that. If you are getting there, I’d recommend going there early to secure your spot.

However here is a list of the other clubs I would DEFINITELY recommend you attending:

Cost: Free

Travel: Most of the events are during the week ($12) but check out the line ups on the weekend too ($3.50)

Food: There are a ton of good places to eat at around Federation Square. Whatever the cuisine, whatever your palette, there is a restaurant to suit your need.

Verdict: Right now? I don’t know. But given I’ve heard the Monash Uni bands before. I’d say awesome. Rating to come.
UPDATE (20130607) – It was completely amazing. Firstly there was the Monash University Australian Jazz band which played some great instrumentals and then the Monash University Jazz Funk Band – that played 2 of my favourites: Knock on Wood & Corrine Bailey Rae’s Closer. Check out the great pictures here!

See you there!!

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