Bits and bobs: Now moving into OVERDRIVE!

Since my last update, my skills and my blogging have grown.

I recently enrolled into the Open2Study course about Writing for the Web and User Experience for the web. The course posed a great question – who is your audience?

And honestly, I didn’t know. So I took some time to figure it out: who are the people I’m trying to get to, where these types of people hang out and what I could do to distinguish myself from the rest. There was also a section about checking out your competition.

And this is where I broke my heart. In completing the competition check analysis, there was already another blog with way more content and covering exactly what I wanted to do. So I was at an impasse. Do I close this down and move onto other things or should I persist and keep going?

And it hit me. I started this blog as a way to bring my other sides of my life to the fore. But instead of just focusing on the one side (the creative side), why not ALL of them? I’m thinking I need to add my gaming side here too…

Hence, I’ve got a few great ideas to include from here on in. These include:

1. Pictures with every post.
Not sure how I’m going to be able to do it within this site, but it’s all about learning, right?

2. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).
Most of my posts, including this one, tends to be around 500 words. However, that’s not the aim. In today’s world where we are constantly bombarded with information, what I write, must add to your life – giving you the details you need, without the flowery language and vague ambiguities.

3. Photography Tips.
Yes, I do have a point and shoot camera (Canon S100), which I don’t keep with me as often as I’d like. What is the one thing we all carry that has a camera attached to it? The ubiquitous mobile phone! Having said that, I won’t be delving into the Android Vs Apple war but will give you a series of posts that will guide you to the basics of your camera phone and then cover how to get your photos to look amazing (amazing: as I define it, is something you’d want hung up in a gallery or as a centre piece at home) irrespective of the camera.

4. Cafes
Melbourne is coffee central. I would be foolish not to rate some of the coffee places around Melbourne!

5. Introducing the revamped categories.
You will notice that I’ve updated the categories to include: Markets, Music, Events etc. There will be more to come and others re-worked to ensure it makes sense for everyone.

6. Updated pages.
There is a new “About”, “The Author”, “Contact” and “Getting Around” pages to make things a whole lot easier for people to navigate this amazing city.

7. A schedule for posts.
I’ll be posting something new every Thursday, that much is guaranteed.

I still have a few ideas up my sleeve…like:
– The Melbourne Photoshop Tour.
– Self Guided Tours: Pick & Choose your own destinations.
– Should I go there? How to pick the best of any location
– Getting Cultured: How Refining your mind makes you a better conversationalist.
– Maps that have all the destinations pre-populated on them. (Another one I need to add to my list).

Actually, why not have a list of all the things I’ve incorporated into my blog. Almost like a change log! Wow. Now, THAT, would be AWESOME!

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