The Great Ocean Road: Day 2

We awoke to the sound of Harley Davidsons. Sure, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoyed it. The day started of by checking out Ngatanwarr – Maits Rest. One of the many sections of the Great Otway National Park and steeped in amazing natural walkways and beautiful trees surrounded by the chirps of exotic birds and babbling brooks.

As you progress through the photos, you’ll be able to see that these tree have been here for hundreds of years! And it is quite fascinating to learn about the lifecycle of the forest – how nature has it’s own way of rejuvenating the earth. It was also interesting to see how nature had adapted to mankind especially as a tree trunk had wrapped itself around one of the banisters. The hobbit tree (as I have deemed it) was quite brilliant!

Cape Otway Lighthouse
Once done with Mait’s Rest, we moved towards the Cape Otway Lighthouse, and were lucky enough to see some Koalas on the trees along the way. Along the way we saw the burial place of the City of Rayville amongst the other shipwrecks along the bay. I won’t lie, when it comes to graveyard, I feel somewhat morbid taking out photos. And I felt even more creeped out when we came upon the last burial place of the lighthouse residents along the cape. What was even more intriguing was that the adults would not have been more than 5 feet tall!

12 Apostles
We then finally one of the highlights of the trip – the 12 apostles. Ok, 7, and you better be quick! These natural land formations occur due to the water eroding away at the soil to cause these standalone structures. And with time, the 12 apostles will all but disappear. And no, before you ask, there is nothing that can be done to preserve it.

We ended the day by watching the sunset and enjoying a scrumptious meal of cheese, crackers and sundried tomatoes with the bread being the plates for the amazing concoction! If you haven’t tried it before, do so. You will be pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think the combination was that flash hot until I tasted it. Ensure your cheese has some “bite” to it…aka think “vintage cheddar”. And the sunset didn’t disappoint either.

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