Bits and bobs: An update on the silence

Howdy! I took the last week off from all the trappings of modern day life. Or just my life. I was finding that it was getting too hectic and given it was my birthday too, I decided to treat myself to go away somewhere and spend some time figuring out the bigger things in life. I headed to Port Douglas in sunny Queensland, where the temperature was a beautiful low of 21 and maximum of 26 degrees. I have close to 1150 photos to whittle down and managed to get to 23/24 places of the best attractions around there. Here are some of the things I did and learnt…

– Visited the Great Barrier Reef (and went on an underwater walk)
– Wildlife Habitat and had breakfast with the birds.
– Walked the 4 mile beach, twice in one day (blisters be damned)
– Port Douglas Cemetery
– The best cafes as voted on Trip Advisor (Whileaway cafe book & coffee shop, hands down. I was tempted to steal their bar staff and bring them back to melbourne. Staff, because everyone made the coffee in the same way to the exact same strength…just thinking about them and their coffee making skills has me salivating!)

Also, I’m still working out on all the different ways I want to get my blog stuff out there, but at the same time, I also want to ensure that my information that I put out there, is worth spreading. It’s like it’s a constant pendulum and I’m rocking between the two extremes. This should be settling soon as I’ve whittled down my goals with this blog (and life) and aim to make it more useful to my readers. Thanks again for your patience. I’ve got a lot going on with work and other things, but my commitment is still here to this blog. Perhaps, I’ll just stop talking and start doing more.

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