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How good is this place? I’ve come home and hopped onto my computer to blog about it good…

Whilst the place was a little hard to find (and admittedly, I was running late. Heaven forbid if I ever do get lost in an unknown place…hence why I like getting lost in my own hometown) but once I was there, the service was prompt and I was shown to my table with my already seated friends (sorry guys, I said I was going to be late and I turned up late… will do better next time or drinks are on me.). Given that my last round of recommendations from friends Nhi and Laur from (expensive delicious), I took Laur’s advice and ordered the “Little Rachel” (choosing to avoid the mackerel, cause, well I needed something with meat). My friends ended up getting fried lamb dumplings and steamed zucchini dumplings. And to round it off, I also ordered the spicy chicken noodle dish…just cause I could.

Little Rachel Dumplings

Little Rachel Dumplings

Well guess what? The dumplings all stood up to it’s name. They were fresh, delicious and tasted divine. I wouldn’t say they are the best dumplings I’ve EVER had. But until the next contender comes along, Little Rachel is by far the BEST dumplings I have ever had. You could actually taste the individual flavours and the various cuts. The vegetables were fresh and the taste ever so succulent. So much so, that you could actually taste each ingredient individually. Even the dumpling wrapper was amazing. Then I tried the fried lamb dumplings and once more I was transported to another side of heaven.

Fried Lamb Dumplings

Fried Lamb Dumplings

There were 2 other things that I really liked about the place. One, their staff did not hover around our tables, they were always walking around and keeping an eye out on tables. The moment someone finished their dish, they waited for a little while before coming around and taking the dish away. Secondly, they did not rush us out the door. It wasn’t like the place was overcrowded with people standing and eating, but there were no spare seats in the house and whilst there were other people outside looking at what to get, I was never once made to feel like we need to pay and get out. And for another good long catch up long time friends, that’s the exact kind of atmosphere you need.

Shandong Mama_UKN

Would I come here again? Yes, I would. Would I recommend others. Without a shadow of a doubt. And the entire meal came to around $16pp. You’re probably wondering what happened to the spicy chicken noodle? HA. I should have left that one alone. At least they allowed me to take it away (lunch is sorted – thanks Shandong Mama!)

Spicy Chicken Noodles

Spicy Chicken Noodles

TDT: 4.5/5

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