It’s been a while since I headed down to Docklands. And you know what, the area has really livened up! There are quite a few new restaurants apart from Pok Pok and I’m definitely going to have some good fun reviewing them. And that’s when I ran into Banoi.

Banoi Entrance

Banoi Entrance

Given I was introduced to this place by my good friend MB I was actually stumped to see that there was a new Vietnamese place opened up.

Beef and Prawn

Beef and Prawn

I chose to get the beef and prawn with vermicelli noodles and MB got Tofu with prawn in vermicelli noodles.

Tofu & Prawn

Tofu & Prawn

And you know what… it was good not overly memorable. And in such situations, I like to go back just to give them another chance. MB did manage to convince me to get the Malaysian styled coffee. And boy oh boy it was amazing. Condensed milk and coffee… just one sip and I knew I would have to double my exercise routine.

Malaysian Coffee (with condensed milk)

Malaysian Coffee (with condensed milk)

I am keen to go back and try the pho. Like I said, this time, it didn’t leave me with a wow factor, but the conversation with MB was great and so was the service. Maybe when they introduce rice to the menu I will be back.

TDT : 3/5

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