Melbourne Open House: Melbourne Town Hall

The incoming flurry of photographs haven’t even begun. Here’s some of what I captured during my visit to the Melbourne Town Hall.


Some key things to note:

– The Beatles were at the centre (imitation photograph replicating said situation has been taken)
– All the Moomba kings and Queens have been honoured with having their photos on the wall.
– You can see all of Melbourne’s ties with other countries in and around the place.
– Subsequently, you can sit in on a town meeting too. You have to check out the chairs. They were designed with comfort in mind. Back in the early 1900s. Now, that was forward thinking for me. Basically, the seat came out, allowing people to lean back into the chair. It’s comfort level went from being awesome, to inesplicably amazing.
– Yes, I did get excited about a chair. But what of it?
– The flags trace the lineage of the Royal families that have visited.
– Experiencing the grand piano playing is another sight to behold and absorb in.
– Yes, they have tours at 11 am daily.
– Every year, it does get dressed up. Here’s what happened to the Melbourne Town Hall in Christmas 2013.

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