Upcoming Events: Christmas in Melbourne 2014

Yarra River

The iconic Yarra River that runs through Melbourne

Things have been rather hectic for me but only because, as you’d know, I wrote about ‘what’s next’ and thanks to Stephen Covey, I’ve rewritten my eulogy. Scary, yes. But mortality is both a gift and a curse.

We are all going to die. That’s inevitable but once you realise this, you suddenly start focusing on all the things you want to do with people or things you want to experience.

Every year, I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not allow myself to go without experiencing some of the bigger things in life. Or the things we all share. So when a city lays out all the things you can do for Christmas, then you can expect that I’ll be there, enjoying it and sharing the best of what this world (and city) has to offer. And here are the preliminary things that they have set out. Yes, I wrote preliminary because as always, there are more things that they will be releasing closer to the date.

Without further ado, here are the things to do in Melbourne over Christmas.

Christmas Decorations
No city would be complete without a Christmas decorations and here is the listing of all the sights you won’t want to miss!

Official Launch
Yes, I will be there. It’s on the 28/11 and the tree and Federation Square will be lit up. I cannot wait! Will you be there too?

Christmas Square
New York may have Times Square, China – the Tienneman Square and Russia – the Red Centre….but we have the Christmas Square!

Melbourne Town Hall Projections
After seeing them last year, I have to go again. New stories, different lights… all just simply amazing!

Here’s what you can expect with a sneek peek from 2013 Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events: Christmas in Melbourne 2014

  1. Great idea to list these – Christmas in Melbourne is so beautiful (especially when the weather stays warm)! Kinda sad to be missing it this year – will have to keep in the loop with your pictures!


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