Melbourne: Ramen Ya

Good Ramen Ahead, Ya?

Good Ramen Ahead, Ya?

It’s not often you’re enticed by a saying, but Japanese restaurant Ramen Ya managed to not only pique my curiosity but also managed to relieve me of my hard earned money.

Ramen is a staple diet of the Japanese people and when done well (I’m looking at you 2 minute noodlers) can be one that is an experience to be written home about.


I chose to have the fried chicken Ramen noodles. The soup and the noodles were delicious in all manners of the word. The fragrant aromas wafting from the kitchen ensured my mouth was already watering way before I had sat down. The crispy coating around the chicken was light, well battered and didn’t leave an oily after taste. The filling was succulent and didn’t show any signs of being taken out of a quick frozen bag and chucked into the microwave/quick deep fry. It tasted like it was hand made with love from that Asian friend’s Mum whose house you always went to, because, well, she made a real mean meal. And it was different to what you had at home. Although nothing beats a home cooked meal (hi Mum!).

Fried Chicken at Ramen Ya

Fried Chicken at Ramen Ya

I washed this all down with an amazing bottle of water. Yeah, I know, I paid for water. It’s interesting how much social behaviour dictates our behaviour but that’s a whole different post.

So would I go here again? Absolutely. Would I recommend the location? Mmm. It’s located in the new Emporium and well, shopping isn’t my thing. But if you enjoy shopping then go for it. Although, given the time it needs for the food to be prepared, I wouldn’t recommend this place if you’re in a rush.

Emporium Ramen Ya

Emporium Ramen Ya

If you do take a breather, then you’ll be pleasantly delighted with a top notch service, even in peak times with food that fills you up for less than $20.

TDT: 3.75/5

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