Melbourne: Annual Must See Attractions

Welcome back and what a glorious year it’s going to be!

January is upon us and in no time, the festivals be coming up and if you’re not ready, you will miss out on the best that this town has to offer.

Here are the events I have been to and definitely recommend:

Australia DayWhatever the weather and irrespective of your taste, there is something for everyone at the Australia Day celebrations. Whether it’s the latest Jazz sensation or our home grown favourites, the food and atmosphere alone is worth the travel. Ensure you go well hydrated and take some water with you. Queues are a killer.

Midsumma Festival
I have not yet been to Melbourne’s queer festival but will be going this year. Not sure what to expect, but hey – going in with an open mind and who knows what I’ll encounter.

St. Kilda Festival

St Kilda Festival Banner

St Kilda Festival Banner

Drop everything and get your ass down there. Seriously. Every time I have been, I’ve come away 3 shades darker, swearing to wear more sunscreen “next time” and blissfully forget when said “next time” rolls around because it’s way too much fun. Eventually when the skin cancer sets in, I’ll learn my lesson. But until then, preapre yourself to feast your eyes on some amazing local talent both on the stage and off. A high school friend of mine is in a band that regularly does this show. Shameless plug for Brooklyn’s Finest. They are good and maybe I am biased because of the friendship factor, but, hey, they have blown me away every time I have seen them perform. So go check them out and wilst you are at the festival, you just might uncover some new favourite local bands to check out for the rest of the year.

White Night Melbourne
White Night MelbourneIf you don’t know about this event that happens globally, I’d recommend you read here first. Then I’ll link the photos you should check out. And ultimately I’ll send you to my review of the grand event itself. Please note that this event, has become highly popular, so here are some few strategies to make the event work for you. First, choose who you go with. Some people like to kick back and take in whatever comes their way. Or there are those people that are go getters that have targeted lists and will do all that they can to get to each of these events in a very optimal manner. I, have learned the hard way, that I am a person that falls into the second category. I’m working my way into the first, but let’s not fight what is working for me and go with the flow, ok people? Pick your group, pick your event(s), have a back up close by event (in case queues get huge), pick alternative meeting spots (you will get lost), and for the love of all things good, get yourself a camera and a spare battery. Your phone will not do. I repeat, your GODDAMN PHONE WILL NOT DO. Why? Can you get a phone to take pictures (and videos…. I know…why would you…but hey… I know some interesting people) and expect it to last the entire night? Use it for it’s sole purpose. To get in touch with other people. Save yourself the hassle.
Budding entreprenuers, take note. Mobile charging stations at every corner. You’re welcome. I’ll take 35% of profits. See… I can be reasonable.

Movies under the stars
I went to see the Great Gatsby in 2014 and it was EPIC. Well, I was seeing the movie for the first time AND it was a pretty great cinematic experience to see it on the big screen outdoors. Will definitely be attending this again! Bring your own food, friends and something to keep you warm.

Moomba Festival
This is an icon of Melbourne and something you must do to say that you have done something “truly” Melbourne. To be honest, the parade alone is the only thing worth going for. Everything else…meh, not so much. Oh, I stand corrected… the birdman rally. That’s damn hilarious. I did think however, that the first few people that tried to fly and failed (as shown by nearly EVERY competitor), the guts and the glory involved for you to take the first steps into something unknown. Hats off to you guys trying to do the FlightX stuff! Space travel might not happen in my lifetime, but damn I envy the futrue generations.

This iswpid-IMG_20130425_064018.jpg not an event, but something to be shared in. It’s a moment that captured the country when we went to war. Thousands of young men went and we suffered heavy casualties. Take the time to hear some of the stories and be involved in one of the dawn services. For those that went before us, to protect us so that we may enjoy the lives we do today, Thank you.

Lest we forget.

Open House Melbourne
Myer Mural HallAnother global phenomenon that’s well and truly established itself as all things glorious for the city of Melbourne. Every year, a 100 buildings are open to the public to check out. The hardcore fanatics (“raises hand and hangs head in shame”) endeavour to see as many buildings as possible and learn about the history behind each one. Get your walking shoes on, bring your own food and water and come with a back up strategy in case your optimal choice for a place is already taken. There are ballots to get into some of them and so I would highly recommend you follow them online so you don’t miss out on such an opportunity.

Summer Night Market @ Queen Vic

Queen Vic Market

Wow. Every Wednesday in summer, the Queen Vic gets turned into a night market with great foods and amazing bands. Having said that, it shouldn’t be the only reason you go check it out. Go check out Queen Vic throughtout the year. Even better? Follow them online through their social media accounts and you will get the latest updates about all things awesome that’s happening there!

Other things that happen at odd times:

Chinese New Year
First of all, you don’t need to go to the city to experience this. HOWEVER. Melbourne does have a Chinatown and you’d be remiss to miss it. I’ve been going since 2007. I just never thought of putting up the photos….That will be changing this year.

Annual Melbourne Passion Play
A little less known event that is definitely worth checking out. Every year, volunteers put on a play that recreate the greatest story ever told. Funded by the generosity of Pat La Manna, it’s something that I have been involved in and go to watch nearly every year since. It’s beautifully done, and the sets are some of the best I’ve seen for an amateur theatre! Defnitely worth checking it out. Here is what you can expect.

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