Bayswater: Junior Tan

Junior Tan Menu

Junior Tan Menu

A recent addition to the suburb of Bayswater, this is the Malaysian the suburb needed to have.
Entering this place was beautiful. It used to be an old Nandos restaurant. I guess the place just couldn’t survive here. Not enough gym people. But I digress.


The service was prompt and we were taken to our seats really quickly. First up was the drinks. Their version of lemon lime bitters was delicious, better than what you can get in stores and rivals some of the better established places. To boot, they were served in these nice tumblers that I just couldn’t stop taking photos of.

Then…as is always customary when I go out with people, they just seem to have eyes bigger than their stomachs so we ended up with more food than either of us could manage.

However being brought up with the image of starving kids in Africa, I was consumed (oh yeah, bad pun totally intended) by the desire to finish all that I had ordered.

JT's Ramen Burger

JT’s Ramen Burger

The Ramen burger was different. First of all, it’s a chicken patty on a bed of vegetables dipped in bbq or hosin sauce wrapped in egg in a wholemeal bun.

Flavour Explosion - Ramen Style

Flavour Explosion

There are moments in life where you are so impressed with the presentation that your heart breaks at actually devouring the meal. Alas, the grumble deep in my belly when the scent of the meal met the newly found hunger told me otherwise. Compressing the damn fine thing, I took a bite to see what’s in it.

The cross section - excuse the two bites

The cross section – excuse the two bites

The explosion of flavour from the warm burger was highlighted well with the sauces and offset with the crunchiness of salad. My mouth was in heaven and my stomach was arguing to quit dreaming and keep eating. I felt like yelling for more but images of jabba the hutt stopped me.

Chips to Miss...for now

Chips to Miss…for now

The chips on the other hand….I’d give it a miss to be honest. In my opinion you either go KFC with the chicken salt for warm fluffiness or Nandos for the spicy Peri Peri seasoning.



Cashews and Beef

Cashews and Beef

The second dish of cashews and beef was divine. #winning is all I can say for this dish. The ginger really came through and when mixed with the spice of chilli, crunch of cashews and the tender beef strips, you could have eaten this all by itself and not worried a bit. Which is what I should have done and will be doing next time.

Chicken and Seafood

Chicken and Seafood

To be fair, I couldn’t stomach any more food that sitting.

But sitting I will be! For this is my new favourite local place. Next up on the list is coffee from the place. They use good quality beans and whilst they don’t have a barista (yet), I’m still keen to try a place that serves one of my favoured beans.

TDT: 4.5/5.0

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What do you think? Have you been there? Leave a comment!

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