The Domestic Traveller Tours – Day 1

When my fellow foodie and good friend from Tasmania, Louis, decides to come down and do a food tour of Melbourne – I was charged with showing off the best and most mouth watering foods on offer.
Here’s that massive list!
To be fair, after writing this post, I had to go through and break them up into individual days. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have given the tour the justice it deserved. And without further ado..

Day 1
– Patricia’s

If you have never had a coffee from Patricia, then you have no idea what you are missing out on. This place is, in my honest opinion, the best place to get coffee. Yes, they use my favourite bean – Seven Seeds. But it’s the way they make it. I don’t know how they do it, and ignore all the other places that rate these guys down… and make sure you go and get some coffee from there.

When @louis_eats, he literally does! #LouisEats #DomesticTravellerTours

A photo posted by The Domestic Traveller (@thedomestictraveller) on Oct 25, 2016 at 8:28pm PDT

If anything, you should check out Louis’ reaction. His YouTube channel is called “Louis Eats” and you should check it out.

If there is one coffee I would recommend, then it is the latte with the Patricia Blend. I don’t have my coffee with milk. Ever. Because if you want to taste the best a bean has to offer, then you need to enjoy it straight.

Happiness is coffee. Let’s begin the tour! @pcoffeebrewers bringing the goods for @louis_eats! #DomesticTravellerTours #LouisEats

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So having my coffee with milk is something that I don’t take lightly. But for you Patricia, I will. I absolutely always will. Yes, the place has standing room only and no, it’s not snobby. The fact that they don’t need to do advertising and have people queuing out the door is a testament to how good it is.
– Queen Victoria Market
This was a mistake on my part. First I forgot to check that they weren’t open on Wednesdays. And then second, was when I went to the old Fancy Hank’s store. I thought they were operating both locations. Nope. Only one. Louis, I am so sorry to have made you trek so many times to the place. But when we spoke to the new owners, they gave us directions to the new place.
– Fancy Hank’s
Was it as good as I remember? Yes. And it had improved. The only thing that made me sad was that they didn’t have the amazing hot sauces anymore. But want to know my thoughts? Check out my post.

This is happening! Review comig soon! #DomesticTravellerTours #LouisEats

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– Doughboy Doughnuts
I am yet to write my review on this place and to be fair – it’s going to be a good one. There’s a part of me that is considering doing the whole doughnut tour. But my expanding waistline would not allow for it.
– Laneway Tour
At this point, whilst I did have this planned, we had both hit the food wall and unless we wanted to roll down to the next place.
– Mamak
Mamak in my opinion is an institution. And yes, I know they have a store in Sydney but this place is really amazing and you can enjoy watching them make the meals from the outside. Here’s my review when I last visited them.
– Golden Monkey
This place is great for their own iconic drinks that they make. You definitely need to try their Golden Whisper shot and make sure to add the fisherman’s basket to your night out to offset the drinks.
– Junior Tan

What can I say? Junior Tan rocks. I have eaten nearly everything from their menu and can vouch for each of their meals. I could go on talking but I will let Louis’ video (linked below) show you how good the place is.

Remember, don’t forget the suburbs when you are out and about for food places.

You can find Louis’ video in it’s entirety here.

For more amazing ways to keep an eye on this rising star:
Instagram channel: @louis_eats
Youtube Channel (Make Sure to hit the Subscribe Button): Louis Cooper
Facebook Page: louiscooperadventures
Snapchat: @Louis_Eats

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