One word: amazing. Here’s why.

Mamak is a chain of restaurants, but you’d never be able to tell when you enter.


Located in the heart of the city on Lonsdale street, we managed to beat the lunch rush. This place was located near a local university and is known to be popular with that crowd because of it’s unbelievably low prices. Looking at the prices on the express menu, I was setting my bar really low. But that was my mistake.

On their website, Mamak, doesn’t take bookings and rightly so. I had booked for a table of 6, and only one other person showed up. I felt really bad for the restaurant and gave my friends 20 minutes to rock up. By then, my appetite was raging and the conversation was too amazing to wait any longer. And here’s the best part. They dismissed my apologies and awaited the order. My colleague then explained that her lactose intolerance and asked what she could eat from the menu. The waitress, without skipping a beat, told her exactly what was and not allowed for a person that is lactose intolerant. She also knew the difference between the various stages (cream, milk, cheese can all have different effects….I didn’t know.) And even though she pointed to another few sets, she managed to highlight anything with milk….all of the top of her head without needing to go to the kitchen. I was clearly gobsmacked. And we both settled on the lamb curry on rice (I also chose one of their famous dessert of mango filled roti) and prepared ourselves for the wait.

She walked to the kitchen and in a few minutes came back with our food. We both exclaimed how quick that was. My previous such experience had cautioned my stomach. Then I put the sticky rice into some of the lamb curry. Saying that it was heavenly would be an understatement. Maybe it was because I was famished… Which made me steel myself. And took another bite of the lamb. Nope. Still heavenly. It just fell apart in your mouth (ok, my mouth is literally watering writing this bit) and was seasoned really well, cooked thoroughly and tender. Before you know it. I was looking at the bottom of an empty plate. The food was sufficiently filling and sat exactly between neither too full nor still hungry. After some more zany conversation, the waitress came along and asked if I was ready for dessert. My head said yes, my heart was asking not to be disappointed and my stomach was questioning why the question had to even be asked…. And the roti. Oh. My. Gawd. Yes. Just say yes. Trust me. Let the diabetes ensue. Run or do whatever needs to be done to work off those calories.

And all of this for under $20. Just. Do. It. Go. You will not be disappointed.

TDT rating: 4.9/5

Yes, I do realise that I didn’t add a photo for this post…you know why? The food was just that damn good. I apologise for this. So perhaps I just might need to go back and eat at the same place again….just for my readers. You know. I’m doing this for YOU guys. Lol. Who am I kidding. Hope to see you there.
And kudos to my friend Laura and Nhi who told me about this place. You should go check out her food blog, it’s totally awesome.

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