Flame Tree Deliciousness

The only thing I can say? Welcome to the neighbourhood.


Having recently opened, this place is a literal gem that is waiting to be discovered in Bayswater. The recent redevelopment of the train station has brought a serious influx of good quality food options in the neighbourhood. Whether you’re looking for artisnal coffee or the best Char Keow Teow on this side of town, you don’t need to leave this amazing suburb.

I digress. The food….

(PS – this place is so new, that they don’t even have a Google Maps location as yet).


So given that I’m always keen to try everything I can at one time, I chose the colonel.
This encompasses their panko chicken, the beef and succulent pork. Now. This giant burger of deliciousness is not easy to eat. So I had to deconstruct it to conshme it individually. And my fave order has to be…the pork, chicken and finally followed by the beef.
The pork belly slices were so succulent and delicious, I wish I had the burger on its own.
I was pleasantly surprised by the panko chicken – crumbed perfectly, the internal deliciousness was too much. It retained it’s moisture and was flavoursome – something completely unexpected.

Their beef however was dry on the inside and really lacked the pizazz of the others.

The chips were a delight on it’s own and something to fill yourself up when you aren’t hungry enough for a burger.

TDT: 1.75/2.0


And the cost, look it was dear. But the way I saw it….this was 3 burgers plus chips and in my opinion it was great.

TDT: .75/1.0


The venue was nice and having a burger bar in the burbs is awesome.

TDT: 1.0/1.0


The service was top notch and I was too busy laughing to complete my order properly. Kudos guys – keep up that customer service.

TDT: 1.0/1.0


This is going to be a rocking place in Summer and a nice getaway in the winter.

All I can say, is welcome to the neighbourhood!

Flame Trees Burger Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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