Justice League

After Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, I didn’t know what to expect. I kept my hopes low and found some good surprises along the way.

I think the overarching storyline was excellent. And whilst I confess not to know my DC universe as much as my Marvel, the way they outlined the whole movie was good. They gave each character some quality screen fight time. And the fight scenes were great. If anything, it’s worth the entry price just to go see the big fight scenes.

On the flip side, I think they did a shit job with the Flash. Being a big fan of the TV series, the movie flash came across as uninspiring and lacking a certain polish.

They didn’t dive into Aquaman or Cyborgs story. I mean, they said some things about Aquaman and Flash but Cyborg was a literal one line back story. Whatever happened to some screen time/flashback.

I liked how they portrayed how feeble Batman was and showed the humanity of Superman. Plus Wonder Woman coming to terms with her origin story loss capped off the great development points for the returning characters which was a pleasure to watch.

Overall, it is a good movie and definitely better than Dawn of Justice.

One to be enjoyed in the cinemas for sure.

Here’s that awesome spoof!

Btw, I got to experience the Dolby Atmos system. Mother of Gawd. No. My ears were bleeding. I literally mentioned that I could feel my lunch. You do not need extra loud, extra vibration, multi-angle sound. Heck maybe I am getting old but damn….turn that racket down. So if you’re tempted and want to go see it, you’ve been warned.

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