Fun Fridays: A Practical Approach To Mother’s Day

You may have left this to the last minute, so here I am coming to save your butt. What I am about to suggest, if you are willing to put in the effort, will have some awesome (and possibly hilarious) results on the day itself. Backed by a book I have read and implemented myself!

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Fun Fridays: A Secret Revealed

So this last week, I let slip that my favourite childhood cartoon show is now on Netflix. Yes, I have an undying affinity for He-Man.

If you haven’t heard of it, here’s the link to the wikipedia article!

However, someone did mention that this was the funniest video that they had seen in a long time. I had heard mumblings of it, watched a part of it, and was annoyed at how well it was done to take the piss out of my favourite childhood cartoon show. So, as expected, I turned it off in digust.

But, after watching it a couple more times, I am happy to say that I can see the humour in it.

However, the thing to note with this series? Season 1 of He-Man from 1983 had 65 episodes. 65! Imagine seeing that in today’s world. None of this 6 – 10 episode crap. Yeah. 65. Imagine that. Plus, there was no swearing, no one died, and everyone hated mud….

Enjoy the weekend! I have even more fun stuff coming up so keep an eye out for it.

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