Extraction Review… Like A Dentist

I genuinely had high hopes for this movie. Having the like of Russo and Chris Hemsworth – I thought it would be good.

The Trailer:


Honestly, if I were you, skip this. Unless you want an action movie then the cinematography is impressive.
I personally felt Hemsworth had the same level of emotional scale as Kristen Stewart in the Twilight series.

I know it will take some time for myself and perhaps the audience to move away from expecting him to play Thor.

But I have seen him as a jock in the horror/comedy(?) movie – Cabin In The Woods and even though he played a jock in there, he pulled it off with a range of emotion that was needed. So it’s not like that he doesn’t know how to act.

The young actor Rudhraksh Jaiswal was a delight and to see the range of emotions on his face made some parts of the movie more believable.

Great for the fight scenes and car chases and not much else. If you had to, I’d choose another Netflix movie instead.

TDT: 2.0/5.0

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