Having Fun Responsibly And Virtually

We all know that #isolife is causing an increase in alcohol consumption. Well when you have the right information handy, you will be able to enjoy your tipple without it going to your waistline. And then I have something for all you Nostalgic videogame fans out there!

Drinking Responsibily

It’s evident that most people will be drinking. But if you’re going to be drinking, why not make the most effective choices?

Check out…. Get Drunk Not Fat. YEAH. You’re welcome!

Nostalgic Gaming

I may show my age here, but growing up, the original PlayStation was my first console. Well it was Atari 2600 but that was way too young to remember and my only favourite game that I remember from that time was River Raid.

HOWEVER, there was one game I wanted that my parents didn’t approve of and that was X Files. It was point and click. But now, looking back, my folks were only doing the right thing and adhereing to the gaming classifications. (Thanks Mum and Dad).


On an old abandoned software repository they had it! The X Files Game

Now you too can go back and see if they have any others that you may have missed out on!

Thank you Old Games Download!

Enjoy my readers and as always.

We are in this together. We will get through this together. Have Faith!

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