And Next On Our Virtual Tour Is New York

In today’s installation of places to be inspired is the most wonderful state of New York.

I visited there in 2018 and it was completely amazing. When all this craziness is over, you need to visit. The life and the atmosphere is something to behold!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

During my whirlwind trip, I didn’t get a chance to go see this place but I knew it was spectacular.

You got to check out what it looks like on the inside!

The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

This is the stuff of dreams. The architecture on the outside is amazing and breathtaking. Even better is what it holds on the inside!

Check it out for yourself!


I didn’t get a chance to go to this and my experience was in Tasmania. And if that’s anything to go by, this would have been an experience to behold.

Walk with me and let’s explore it together.

The Frick Collection

You know, I only found out about this place cause I worked with a guy named Frick. Hey Super Frick – I know you’re reading this – hope you’re keeping well bud. This museum covers Vemeer and Rembrandt. You know… those guys.

You can walk through their online collection here.

American Museum of Natural History

I remember the one in DC, then the one in the UK. Good heavens there are some amazing museums. The blue whale specimen is always a sight to behold.

Be amazed!

And after visiting that last one. I want to go back so bad! But for now, virtual visits and recreating their cuisine from home will have to suffice.

And you need to experience Brooklyn Bridge. Check out the New York tag for other great places in New York!

If you do or don’t like the video let me know. I am keen to get into video content. Leave a comment below!

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