The Basin: The Basin Music Festival

They say,

“Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you try to chase it, the further it gets away from you. But if you stop and wait, it will come and rest gently on your shoulder.”

I belive it was Calvin Coolidge, then again, I was never one for getting the quote attribution right. The Basin Music Festival is an annual event run by the locals to highlight what’s best about the area.

Needless to say, I was impressed. Nay – I was blown away.


Based close to the foothills of the Dandenong, this event is held around The Basin triangle. A beautiful park where you can be enveloped with nature, good food, fun things to do with the kids and great souveniers.

It’s a 3 day event that brings along the best of everything. You have music from around the world, and cuisines to delight your every tastebud. Whether it is the curly fries, Indian food, hot jam doughnuts to your quintessential Aussie BBQ, it was all there.

Melbourne Transformers Main_4

I was highlighted to the event being on, because I follow the Melbourne Transformers. They are an amazing group of people that usually do fund raising events and cosplay. They are always a hit wherever they go. Although I must admit, I did feel sorry for Batman as the hot weather was not going well with his black outfit.

Melbourne Transformers Main_7

But their entire show was such a delight to watch and a major draw card.

Melbourne Transformers Main_1

And once the kids saw these guys, I think Mr. Springs got a lot of people to appreciate his music.

Rusty Springs

Rusty Springs

After walking around for a little bit, S and I went to grab a quick drink and Svaks was right there. She managed to convince me to get a “chai latte”.

Svaks Chai Latte

Svaks Chai Latte

As you all know, I’m a massive coffee afficianado so not getting a coffee from a cafe is hard to fathom. Hat tip S. You win. Svak’s is a nice quiet location and definitely one I will be coming back to. The quaint atmosphere and the lush surroundings are just serene and a good place for you to come take your rest before you head out into the hills. It definitely needs a review of it’s own.

After that we moved on to Acorn on Forest. I’ve been here once or twice before and never really thought about reviewing it. I must say, I am doing the establishment a disservice. They are well known among the locals and their drink prices were quite reasonable for being so far out of the city and if I remember correctly, the food was delicious as well (think I was going through a parma stage). But the atmosphere is what really makes this place stand out. The venue looked like an old church and I’m intrigued to find out more. But the music. oh the Music. I discovered my new favourite band – Kujo Kings. Being a big fan of Ska music (thanks to Lewy for bringing this genre to my attention), I have been an avid fan of The Melbourne Ska Orchestra.

The famous tune from Melbourne Ska Orchestra that became the theme song for Freeview in Australia.

So to hear these guys perform. They had a magical mystical sound to them that actually got the entire place bopping along. It was so infectious, I had to put my camera down and tap on the awesome barrel tables S and I were sitting at. She did want to move on, but no more!

Kujo Kings

Kujo Kings

Once they release their “Mr. Telemarketer Man” song, you’ll know what I mean. Until then, here’s one I found that I enjoyed too!

Whilst the event did go on for a little while longer, I could no longer keep up.

Platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4

It was an awesome event and I’ve been convinced of going to go check out the individual restaurants and give them the patronage they rightfully deserve.

Melbourne Transformers Main_6

Congrats Basin Music Festival organisers. You’ve made the list of Annual must see events!

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