Bits and Bobs: Music Included

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update and here’s where I am taking this blog. I’ve noticed that more and more people have enjoyed my tangent posts and to those that have privately encouraged me to do my own thing. Thank you! Here’s to us.

I do not intend on creating a motivation inspired blog or anything of that sort. There’s plenty of that. No, I am here to help you get moving in the direction you want. And to change your perspective on the things happening around you. You may see this through the books I review, the fact that I got published on Superior Man or that I am finally launching my own Photography Blog! (Details coming soon).

This week, as a challenge to myself, I will be introducing some of the local musical acts that you may not have heard of. Talent, born and bred right here in Australia. Sure, some of them have reached international fame. Even so, they are still a class act in their own and you will enjoy their work no matter what. If you do love them, I strongly urge you to support their work. With more and more artists choosing to remain independent, recommendations such as this, remains one of the best ways to discover new artists.

So whether you are a visitor or a home grown hero – here’s to us discovering some of the best new talents outside of the commercial arenas.

Have you come across any of the talents that you believe I should check out? Leave me a comment, I answer each and everyone.

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