Melbourne: Colonial Tram Car Restaurant

There is nothing more spectacular than being able to relive history. There is a certain joy in making sure a part of the bygone era still lives. Repurposing it to add value and allure to a whole new generation ensures that some of the most remarkable things in history withstand the test of time. Throw in food options and you definitely have a winning option!

Colonial Tram Car

Colonial Tram Car

This is where the Colonial Tram Car restaurant comes in. Using one of the older H class trams, this old rickety looking thing makes you wonder if you would be able to survive the next turn let alone the entire journey that you have just paid for. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the tram maintained it’s balance and how smooth the entire ride was.

To top it off, the wait staff had their balance down right to a tee. My initial worry that they would spill the champagne was abated when the tram took a sharp turn and our waiter Verdinan, didn’t even flinch but casually kept pouring. Hats off to you champ!

The other impressive thing that i liked wqs that they asked all the guests if they were celebrating something today. Turns out we were gracing two birthdays including a 90th.

The alcohol kept flowing and you could have as much or as little as you want. This includes spirits. Not a lot of places offer that anymore.

And finally the food. Ok. Here I was thinking, it’s a little bit pricey, and given that it only has 2 chefs and the tiniest of kitchens, and they were also serving steak, don’t keep your hopes up. But no. It was an absolute smack to the face, mouth watering, delicious goodness from start to finish. Literally.

Hommus and Capsicum Dip

Hommus and Capsicum Dip

We started with hommus and spicy capsicum dips. Both of which tasted like they were homemade. To top it off, the bread they served with the butter was exactly like a home cooked fare. I was flashing back to being a little kid again. My lapse was broken with a top up of champagne and my next drink ordered. (Scotch on the rocks, even though I ordered it neat. But it’s a minor infraction. Besides, I think I needed the ice cubes).

Mains were a choice of chicken or beef. And for the vegetarians, they had an easy option covered. We were placed right next to the kitchen and the wafting aromas just made us both hungrier. This also meant we got served first. I asked for medium steak and my partner got the vegetarian option.

And all along the tram was slowly making its way down towards the iconic St Kilda beach. The views and the sunset were spectacular. And even for early spring, the weather really put on an amazing show.

Then the mains arrived. My gawd the beef was so delectable. It beat even some of the more established restaurants that served steak as a primary option. The carmalised onions on the top were perfectly cooked and wasn’t even the least bit overpowering. The steamed vegetables were lightly cooked and the juice from the meat was soaked through and through them without killing the vegetable taste and texture.

Then with dessert we had the usual coffee and tea option along witha liqueur of our choice. Of course, I went with cognac, having been too long since I’ve last had one (and to be honest, I couldn’t remember if I ever had, so thought this would be a great place to try it out).



The panacotta with almond toppings and a light strawberry sauce and the caramel filled sticky date pudding was utterly delicious. But this was not before they brought out a candle filled dessert for both the birthday people and ensured the entire sang to them. There was a hilarious gaffe with my partner who was celebrating her birthday but, I think that’s best left to “you had to be there” kind of moments.



The cognac was an amazing end to the night on the restaurant and I felt sad that it had to end.

This is one recommendation, especially if you are visiting the wonderful city of Melbourne, that you juat simply have to do. It will simply have to be one that I visit again and do the longest course possible.

Compliments of the Chef

Compliments of the Chef

To our chefs and waiters, you guys really helped to make the night.

Congratulations for receiving the highest rating from the domestic traveller!

TDT: 5.0/5.0

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P.S. I have recently been upgraded to a new camera – Canon S120 after my S100 died from the Lens Error. Turns out, I have not yet mastered the new features and the photos of the mains were lost. As sad as I was, it does mean I have to go experience it again to ensure I get the photos….right?

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