Daylesford: Sweet Decadence

Set in the heart of the main street in Daylesford, this quaint little restaurant has more chocolates than you can dare poke a stick at. However, if you are not after a chocolate fix and trust me, the sheer sight, smell and choice will blow you away…. then the menu is something you can really get behind.

We chose to have, what I believe is the largest meal possible. It had soup as an entree and enough mains to feed a small army. If anything it was all delicious and decadent.

The soup contained amazing superfoods (I know, healthy stuff… in a chocolate shop, who knew?) and lovely sourdough bread for dipping that made the experience like you were eating at home. The warm bread and freshly made butter just added to that charm.

The mains were all kinds of meat – salami, bacon and every possible taste that went all the way from sweet to sour. If anything, you really needed a nap after the meal. To top it off, I would highly recommend not eating if you can help it before you go into this place.

Given that this was a quiet little place, it can fill up fast. Daylesford does have that quiet sleepy cottage feel to it and it’s usually filled with city folks eager to get away from it all. So dodge the traffic and get in early.

Once you are finished with the food, you can then get some chocolate. Although it would be fitting for you to roll yourself the main street instead of walking.

TDT: 4.0/5.0

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