Melbourne’s The Grand Trailer Park Taverna is the place to be

Oooh eee! Gawd damn. Move over burger leader board, there’s a new player in town raring for the top spot. My opinion? It’s won it and here’s why.

First and foremost this spot is always packed out during lunch. You need to rock up at 11:30am if you want a seat. To top it off, you’d also want your meal to come to you within a reasonable amount of time.

Having chosen the Atomic burger, I waited in anticipation of what was going to come next. The “premium aussie beef patty, American cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, chilli cheese kransky, streaky bacon, BBQ sauce and truffle cayenne mayonnaise on a lightly toasted brioche bun” had me salivating. I had to distract myself and started people watching.

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna Menu

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna Menu

The American styled interior decoration was excellent including the cut out trailer. The slick metal finish was a focal point and from there you were able to enjoy a wide variety of views bringing different aspects of the interior into your focus. Hell, I’d want to go back and sit at different seats just for the internal viewing angles.

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna Cocktails and Drinks Menu

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna Cocktails and Drinks Menu

The lunch time rush came through. Rush? I dropped a letter. Crush. The lunch time crush. My gawd was it unbelievable. The floor manager was doing his utmost to keep up and I was amazed at his skill. And you could hear the people yelling back to their tables as they stood in line to get their order. It’s almost like you had to plan what you were going to have before you rocked up otherwise you were in for a whole world of strife. The seats had filled out in close to 15 minutes. So by 12:15, it was close to standing room only and I don’t know if they did standing room.

I was intrigued. What could cause such a crush? Such madness? After all, isn’t it just food?

The delivered Atomic

The delivered Atomic

The Atomic arrived. And instantly the mayonnaise and BBQ smell hit me. It had begun, the salivating. I knew I had to get this in me. But I was composed and had to focus. I needed to get the pictures done before it would be over.

The Atomic

The Atomic

And then the first bite. My initial thought? “Just food?” How very dare you! How dare you think it’s just food. For the first time in my fast food life have I ever had the, this is an experience worth savouring. I stopped talking to my lunch companion (sorry JW) and consumed what I knew was the best burger I have ever eaten from a fast food restaurant. Ever. I savoured every bite. The flavours kept changing as I kept eating deeper into this gastronomical slice of heaven. I didn’t slow down to take breaths after I had finished chewing. I wanted it all. I wanted more. I couldn’t get enough.

The Atomic in Focus

The Atomic in Focus

And then I heard the familiar crunch. I had reached the end of this adventure. And for the first time after eating was I actually sad that it was over. Not just a normal sad but a deep sad that isn’t easy to shake. I asked JW if he wanted to eat another one and he said yes he could but looked behind him wistfully. The queue to order was nearly reaching our seats and it had already snaked it’s way through the restaurant. I knew there wasn’t any more today. I hung my head low and sighed. “That’ll do for today. That’ll do.”

And there you have it folks. Lunch that tantalised your taste buds but left you wanting more. Whilst it was expensive for a burger, as JW said, “When you’re here, monetary limits go out the window” or something to that effect.

Yes I was satisfied but the taste just made me want more. Congratulations team, a well deserved TDT 5.0/5.0

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