All About Bawa (Hawthorn)

I was told that this place came well regarded. I had mixed emotions.

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Everyone I know has raved and raved about Bawa. Plus with all the positive reviews, I thought, heck I would give it a try.


The one thing I must commend them on is the way they present their coffee. When consuming a long black, it’s well known that you should enjoy a pre-drink aereated drink to cleanse the pallette for the oncoming goodness. And you know that you’re in good hands when that happens.

I found the coffee to be delightful and the card that they served up with it showed off the best of the location.


The passion was beautiful

I ordered the pulled pork roll. Surprisingly, what I enjoyed most of the meal, is watching the person make it. The love, the passion and excitement that she brought to making the meal, made me not want to consume the oncoming work of art.

Admittedly, I was taking photos of a meal that wasn’t mine. Alas. The high fives she was giving the other chef just brought a smile to my dial.


The meal came well presented and I was definitely hungry by the time it arrived. The packed house didn’t deter the kitchen and they kept producing dish after dish in an almost robotic and fascinating seamless fashion.


The chips were delectable, the hard crunch on the outside with the warm fluffy inside ensured every mouthful was devine.


The pulled pork was soft and tender and just melt in your mouth. I did find the bread to be a little overbearing and not to be as fresh as the ingredients within. This did sully the meal a little but the sides, the sauce (my lawd that heavenly sauce) was absolutely worth it.


I wouldn’t recommend the coffee at this location. However the food is good reason for you to come and visit.

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TDT: 3.5/5.0

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One thought on “All About Bawa (Hawthorn)

  1. I’m not a coffee person, so I can’t comment on that, but I really loved the food here! I got a more breakfasty dish though, so might have to venture back and try some other plates!


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