Things to try this week (W15 2016)

There are quite a few things on in this amazing city and here are my top 3:

1. Como Gardens
This is a local fundraiser for the State Emergency Services and St. Johns Ambulance. There are rides and food and all sorts of goodies on show. The train ride is a definite must. If you’re a fan of old racing cars then you HAVE to go!

Full disclosure: I volunteer at the SES unit that this is being held for. That said, it’s a great weekend out and one I always recommend.

2. Rhoddendam Gardens
Yeah it could be a little wet but this beauty is one to behold. Soon I will be compiling a photo-tour of this place during the weather changes.

Please note that there is a bicycle event taking place on 17/4 around the area where these 2 attractions are being held. I would highly recommend having enough leeway to ensure you are not impacted by the event.

3. Brooklyn’s Finest – For you I do – launch shows


Brooklyn's Finest

One of my fave local bands is launching their next album across the Eastside of Australia. You can get access to their events here.

Full disclosure: I went to high school with the guitarist and whilst I genuinely like the music, I want you to know that I know these people.

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