Not all those who Wander are lost. A trip down South (Hobart)

For no apparent reason, other than the ability to get away, I decided to fly to Tasmania. Why? Well, why not?!

First up, I went to the Seven Mile Beach. But that was not the intriguing thing. I travelled with a good friend and given it was the first time we travelled together, we missed our first turning and ended up going to walk along this bridge.

If the bridge was anything to go by, the beach was going to be amazing. There were some amazing photo opportunities and it was interesting to realise that there was really no rush to get to where we need to get to. Having all the time, is actually quite liberating. And as young as we were, we had to wonder, what would we do when we eventually had all the time. Little did I know that I would soon have an epiphany.

Seven Mile Beach

The sands were like snow and that familiar crunch underfoot. There is nothing quite like it. IMG_5984The number of dogs to people were amazing and I had so many bounding around my feet. Their abandon, their love for everything and just the devil may cry attitude. Simply perfect. My travel buddy A, ran across the beach whilst I frolicked  (as much as jeans allow you to) in the shallows. That sense of peace.


Totem for the Trip

Mount Wellington

When we were hiring the car, the awesome team mentioned going to Mount Wellington, especially if we have the time. The mountain beckoned. It felt like Lord of The Rings and A and I were part of the fellowship. Or something. We are both too tall to be hobbits anyway…


Yep. We are going to that Peak

Now, the drive up. All I can say is that I wish I was wearing adult diapers. That road is narrow, winding and don’t get me wrong, with views to die for. Literally. The thing that made me nervous? The people driving in the opposite direction in massive cars. It was either being crushed by the rocks or face sliding down the side of the cliff.

But once you reach the top. Just wow. The air is pristine and it was quite cold and windy. But with all the hikes we were about to embark on, that cooling wind would be a God send.


I could regale you with stories but that wouldn’t be doing the place justice.


And now the epiphany: as I was being more game in attempting things, as in climbing rocks with dress shoes (kids….this isn’t a good idea. Wear better shoes that will support your feet), there was an older retired lady who asked me to take her photo. I requested that she moved so that we could get a better shot. Her husband down below, yelled out for her to be careful. She dismissed his concern and told him to turn around so she could take a photo from up top or to come up the rocks and be in the spot with her in the photo I was about to take. And I realised, that as you get older, your body will slow down and even though you might be mentally willing, your body won’t. So if anything, you need to do all the crazy things you want to do, early on.

You definitely need to go for the lookouts and the walkways around the place.

Museum of Old and New Art

Well…. Dayum!!!


X and + – The Old and New. Love the concept

This is the first time I have ever visited something like this and I found it to be quite thrilling and challenging, all at the same time. I got to appreciate Sidney Nolans work and smelt too deeply the robotic digestive system. Is it worth the entry fee?  Absolutely. And the best exhibit was the free one outside. What they do is change the hue of this giant canvas over a seated area. By being focused on these colours, the sky too changes colours. The exhibit only runs early mornings and evenings as this has the best effect.

Salamanca Markets

We ended the day at Salamanca markets. I could finally see what this place is all about. Ironically, Hobart does close down after 5pm. But the markets come to life. We stopped by at Jack Green for burger but I will leave that for another post. To be honest, the tiredness had hit and I was too busy enjoying the sights that I didn’t take many photos of the markets. Guess I will have to come back again.

Hobart, you have won my heart and I will be back here soon to explore this beautiful land.

Oh and P.S. Hobart is the honourary part of Melbourne. Like the south end of it. And because I say so, it must be true.

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