Mum’s cooking Burgers and the kitchen’s smelling awesome. Why you need to rush on down to mum’s Burger Kitchen (Boronia)

What I’m starting to love about this great country and appreciating being alive right now is that if you have a dream and have the grit to ride through the inevitable challenges, you can do whatever you want. And that’s how we get more artisan shops opening up further away from the city. Mum’s Burger Kitchen is a welcomed example into the neighbourhood.

By the time this review goes up, I would’ve been to this restaurant twice thrice and if I know what’s good for me, I will either hit submit on this post or suffer the consequences of an ever-growing waistline.

I will incorporate all the visits into one.

The first time I went there, I chose the ‘Trent’, a large serving of fries and the pork belly as an entree.

First and foremost the wait was a killer. I’m honestly grateful that I had some excellent conversational person to bide the time. I know that they did apologise profusely but hey if I was hungry and by myself, I doubt I’d be as forgiving.


Pork Belly

When the entree was served, all anger melted away. This….this is the way pork belly is meant to be served. Cooked crispy on the top, the meat was tender, delicious and melt in your mouth delightful. I wished it never ended. They said that they could do the pork belly as a burger and I was keen on sampling this again.



Just enjoy the magnificence of this. Just for a moment.



The ‘Trent’

The trent. What can I say about it? The beef patties were freshly ground. The cheese beautifully melted and the egg, bacon, and shredded lettuce just added to the complete delight that is the trent.

Their serving of chips was amazing and the crunch on the outside with the tenderness on the inside was worth it.

Wow. Pork belly burger? Why not?! #thedomestictraveller #delicious #burger

A photo posted by The Domestic Traveller (@thedomestictraveller) on May 6, 2016 at 4:58am PDT


The next time I went there, I ensured I got the pork belly burger. Yes, yes. It is as good as it sounds. The meat was tender as always and their combination of onions, salad and mayo was the perfect zing that this burger needed.

This review took a while to write. Admittedly the pictures kept making me hungry and I had to pause to eat or end up with chewed keys stuck between my teeth.

Get down there and prepare yourself for the wait. It’s worth it.

TDT: 4.75/5.0
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