The Top 5 Restaurants in 2016

With a year coming to pass, this is the perfect time to reflect on some of the best places I visited in 2016!Number 5 – Merrick’s CreekIMG_5051I love a good drop of wine and this place really won my heart – and in Mornington Peninsula, this is one beautiful surroundings to be in. I have been hanging out for summer just so that I could come visit again. Soon… soon and I cannot wait to sample the close planted 2013 bottle again.

Number 4 – Yarra Valley ChocolataireIMG_6263Chocolate. Enough said.

Number 3 – GamiSweet Chilli Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken? Yes please. Whether you choose to go to Knox or to the one in the city, you are in for a good time.

Number 2 – Coffee InterchangeIMG_6322Opening up a speciality coffee store just around the corner from me? Yes please. And everyone that has ever sampled the changing flavours of the coffee is a fan.

Number 1 – Mercer‘s in ElthamIMG_7602

This place is amazing and I would go here again in a heartbeat. And I want to go here so badly. But a promise is a promise and I keep my word. Food that is amazing, filling and worth every single penny.

Honourary Mentions:

One Piece – I’m a big fan of the manga. And their burgers and freakshakes are worth it.img_7661

Cargo – My Lawd – BURGER.20160616_124704

Arbory – You got to try the Southern Fried Burger.

Mum’s Burger Kitchen – The Trent. Enough said.

Don Don – Insanely cheap and highly filling. Yes.Don Don Bento Box

Marroo – Korean Hot Pot. All the more yes.Spicy Pork and Squid Overview

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