Is Don Don Is Good Good

This place is one of those gems that you only hear if you are smart with your money, know what cash looks like, and are ok to not be seen in a fancy place whilst in the city.

Don Dons is an amazing lunch spot and I cannot believe that you can get something so amazing for under $10. But I am jumping ahead….

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Don Don Entrance

Don Don Entrance on Francis Street

For a cashless guy like myself, I was caught out because I didn’t have any on me. Luckily I had both my friends TW and AN to cover for me (thanks team). Needless to say in both cases I had the Don Don box. And in each case I was nearly unable to consume all of it. And as a big eater, this surprised me.

Not only that, they had a very innovative way of serving. You ordered your food downstairs and by the time you arrived upstairs, you had it ready to be collected!

Don Don Bar Menu

And the bar prices aren’t bad either!

Firstly, the beef and chicken were cooked so amazingly that it seemed utterly flawless. Tender and soaked in Don Don’s own special sauces, these are a delight to behold.

The rice was fluffy and the strips of grated seaweed that coated it was simply perfect. Word to the wise….they have chilli flakes on the table. FOR THE LOVE ALL THINGS HOLY DO NOT PUT THEM IN CLUMPS. That is all. They maintain their powdery consistency and there is nothing worse than believing that the worst of the spicyness is gone only to have the crumbling monstear rear it’s ugly head in the back of your throat. And no. There were no loud sputterings from this reviewer. Thank you, high pain threshold.

Don Don for 2

That awesome moment when you all get Bento Boxes

In the end, this is such an amazing value for money that you’d be remiss to go anywhere else.


Also for all those that don’t know, yes…. there is a Don Don in Francis Place. Yes, you’re welcome. Now Go…. why are you still reading this post… GOOOOO!

TDT: 4.25/5.0

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