Lessons Learned From 30 Days Of Posting

For the month of April, I focused on posting more content. One a day I said. Alas not everything went to plan. Like Mike Tyson said – “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. This is me, punched in the face, writing this article for the second time after I lost an hour’s work. Here’s what you can learn from this experiment.
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5 Things To Help You Through This And Tips On Homeschooling

Having marked 5 weeks in self isolation, I managed to complete another 30 day learning experiment completely unknown to myself.
One of the things that I have been grateful for, is that I started a habit of journalling and this brought up some interesting insights.

And it was during my down moments that I gleamed the most valuable insights. And with kids starting home schooling, I thought this might help some parents out.
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Why Now Is A Great Time To Start A New Project

Something that caught my eye and made me read further is this awesome blog post from Scott H Young – “Recently, I shared why I think now is the best time to start an ultralearning project. Not in spite of the anxious time we’re living in, but because of it. Taking resolute action through uncertainty allows you to improve the things you can actually control, instead of breaking under what you cannot.”

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