Why Now Is A Great Time To Start A New Project

Something that caught my eye and made me read further is this awesome blog post from Scott H Young – “Recently, I shared why I think now is the best time to start an ultralearning project. Not in spite of the anxious time we’re living in, but because of it. Taking resolute action through uncertainty allows you to improve the things you can actually control, instead of breaking under what you cannot.”

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Now is a great time for you to start a project depending on the time you have on your hands. And if you have kids, this does become harder, but not impossible. The one thing that I do struggle with, is hearing people say that they are bored. You literally cannot be bored in an environment like this. You have access to technology, and instead of consuming things… you should consider creating things. That way, you get a sense of satisfaction and achievement from producing the content.

However, the next step, was – what do I pick. Now I could write a whole article on this, or I could point you to the best resource available.

I have been following Scott for a while now and recently got his book Ultralearning.

Side, and hilarious note, I cleaned up my own personal library. I would love for you to comment on how many books you think I have. Keep in mind that I only started in earnest in 2017… comment/email/FB/twitter/Insta your thoughts. To help you, it’s less than 1000 books. This also got me thinking… perhaps I should do a book review. If you’re keen on getting these let me know.

Anyway, back to Scott.

I was particulary interested in the fact that he managed to complete a 4 year MIT Computer Science course in one year. He has then gone on to replicate this process for multiple different projects.

So when he outlines how he goes about doing it, I recommend you read some more about it.

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