What Would You Like To Be On The Other Side

As part of the Think Tuesday Pandemic series, let’s tackle the first question you are going to be faced with – ample of time and so much to do. That you actually suffer paralysis. Here are some guidelines to help create a plan.

With all the time on your hand, you might consider picking up a new hobby or finishing a novel or doing something. All of these are great options. And during my redundancy, I tried all of them. But none of it really left me feeling fulfilled. Ask any athlete, and it’s never the actual winning of the trophy or medal, but the pursuit that really drives them.

Heck, there was a Roger Federer interview, and it was a throwaway comment as he was leaving the stage that got me. He looked at his chaperone and simply asked “What’s next?”

I tracked this comment of his, and he repeats it, every single time. What’s next. Whether he is being interviewed or not. And that shows some foresight.

So coming back to you, my reader, my question to you is, what would you like to see or do with your time? You have been house bound but you are not constrained. All these things that you used as distractions, may cause some unknown insights. Heck, you might realise that you don’t like the person that you are.

The words of Mark Manson, author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A *uck” has this to offer:

So when you think of your own goal, perhaps now is a good time to make it SMART.

Time bound

I have made specific goals for my health, nutrition, sleep and to pick up new skills. One thing that we should all look to do is improve our communication. And with the way the future is going, we all can and should improve the way we communicate. So the first thing I will be working on is learning how I can be more succinct when bringing value to you.

We will get there.

And as I have always maintained.

We are in this together. We will get through this together. Have faith.

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