Good Lawd Gami – The best Korean Fried Chicken Hands Down

It was worth the wait. Every morsel, every bite. I couldn’t wait to write. But be warned, read this only if you’ve eaten. Or hunger is sure to ensue.

Gami is everything you could hope it to be. The service was quick and the way the wait staff took the order and managed the entire process was flawless. Attentive and prompt, it did not feel like you had to wait long.

You walk in and are immediately hit with a queue. The rumblings of the impatient diners can be heard in that small alcove. But it’s the smell. The smell is the most annoying part. If you weren’t hungry, the temptation that it sent through your nose and into your brain was enough to signal to the rest of you to say, “actually, yes I am hungry. And not just hungry, starving. Damn it man, FEED ME!” However, if you time it right, you won’t wait long.

And the food. My lawd, you came to read about the food.

Gami Entree


They start you off with some entrees. It looked like twisties and tasted amazing. A bit dry so make sure you have some water ir a beverage of your choice close by.

We started off with kimchi pancakes and those things were absolutely divine! And given I am not a fan of vegetables (if I can help it), it reminded me of sweet potate wrapped goodness.

And here is an extremely good primer on chopsticks. If you are going to eat at a Korean restaurant, you will need to eat with chopsticks. In which case you will need to lift your chopstick game. Yes you can eat with forks, but the social pressures and dissapointing looks are enough to persuade you to comply. (Damn psychology!). That’s when I realised, I wished I had better chopstick game. But in case you read this review before you go: here’s a handy how to guide.

And then came the Korean Fried Chicken! That smell. Those delicious mouth watering bites that’s just subtly tempting you like the person you’re chatting up at a bar with slowly parting lips, tongue across the lower lip and biting down whilst murmuring….”eat me”. Yes. We are still talking about chicken. No. It’s not awkward unless you make it.

Top View of Mains

Gami on Top

We decided to go with soy and sweet chilli sauced chicken bites. The crunchy exterior was no match for the delicious sauciness. The drips were deadly, you won’t be able to get those stains out in a hurry. Match that with my flailing chopstick capability and it made for a hilarious to watch, heart racing to me, endeavour. Then the crunch. The crispy outer shell breaks and the sauce mingles with the tender breast on the inside. And for a brief moment time stops. The taste. The heavenliness. You’ve made it.

Sweet Chilli Chicken




Stark reality. That was just the first piece. Now your hearts racing for a different reason. You want another one but it’s fraught with danger. Could you go faster? What if you spill? Go on, you think. You finally understand what the words “YOLO” truly means.

Soy basted Chicken

Soy basted Chicken

Whilst there are multiple Gami locations, it was decided that the Lt. Lonsdale street location would be the one to pop my KFC (korean fried chicken) cherry. The place is designed to fit a maximum number of people. Which it does well but don’t expect to have quiet conversations. Or think about discussing anything private. I mean, I know people are way too liberal about their lives on Facebook but geez louise, I do not want to hear about your sexual escapades that reminded you of the meal you’re eating which just so happened to be one that I was enjoying. Oh people….
Boneless Chicken Breast

Would I recommend this place? Absolutely! But only with a loud group of people and looking for a fun night. Beers + chicken? Gami, you got it down to an art.

TDT: 4.5/5.0

Gami Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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