You’ll never be Royal. Not without a Stack (Melbourne)

Another burger joint? Think I need to spend more time in the gym.

Royal stack opened to much fanfare in 2015. The brain child of the guys that brings you amazing burgers at the Dandenong Pavilion – Dani Zeni and Josh Leffers (Motorhome Majestic fame) who coincidentally also brought you the Grand Trailer Park Taverna, this was sure to delight you like a good American food place should.
When you walk in, you’re immediately taken aback by the bright lights and funky pop music. The beats are pumping and you don’t know whether to dance or eat. Thankfully, I was really hungry and the appetite won out over the need to dance.

Ordering the Bacon Bacon and chilli cheese fries, it wasn’t long before the food arrived. I’m always intrigued by the idea of having those coasters that light up.

I think it’s a good way to make you build your appetite for the meal. It’s the anticipation that gets you the most.


Bacon Bacon and Cheese Fries

The Bacon Bacon is exactly what you’d expect, ground beef patties with chewy bacon and sauce that tantalises your tastebuds.


Eat me… you can hear it…

It was juicy, succulent and worthy of the awesome pickles that are included. 

The cheese fries? Dear gawd do not get it!! That cheese is literally like plastic. I was so hungry that I still ate it but I don’t think I would do it or recommend it again. Give it a miss completely.IMG_6481 [Update: I suffered because of this – seriously avoid this one completely]

Overall for the price, I was ok with it but given my experience with the cheese fries, I’d stick with the burger.


The free ice cream, on the other hand, was the main items that saved this experience from being overly negative. You got to try the Salted Caramel ice cream. The smooth creamy texture and rich flavour is the right way to end this experience.

I am neither sold nor am I repulsed. It was a rather average experience and it would take a lot for me to get back into it.


Royal Stacks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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