Find your place in Chinta Ria Soul (Melbourne)

The Emporium is a big place and finding the food court can be a mission. But when you do, you’ll be glad to find a haven like Chinta Ria Soul.

Located in the food court in the Emporium, this is one place where you definitely need to get there before the rush. Or… just have some patience.20160510_123427

We were lucky. Even though we made it during the afternoon lunch hour, we managed to get seats. What’s even better, is that was the best place for Char Keow Teow in the city. Junior Tan, may finally have competition. May.

20160510_124841The ingredients were fresh, even if the noodles tasted a bit like they were from a packet. The freshness of the prawns and the crunchiness of the vegetables made this a true delight. And to top it off, it was just over $10. Of course, the wait is a killer, but if you can bear to wait the 20 minutes then you can enjoy some really healthy. Having said that, the service could do with a smile and a “thank you for waiting”. Once again, it was the company of people I kept for lunch that saved me. Remember how I said Junior Tan, may have competition? Well, it doesn’t. I would much rather eat at a less than fresh location that had excellent service. Go there to try it once, but don’t go back. Save yourself the trouble.20160510_124202

TDT: 3.0/5.0

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