Be Hangry No More – Healthy Hunger Busting Recipes brought to you by Louis

What do you get when you add a fitness enthusiast, fresh recipes and a love of travel? Louis Cooper.

Bonding over flexible dieting, I serendipitously met Louis talking about the best food places to hit in Melbourne. That debate was settled with the Dandenong Pavillion burgers. The burgers were amazing and the love of food and travel surged. My recent adventures in Hobart were all thanks to him. It only made sense that we embark on this food journey together. Two locals, sharing what we love most about our towns. I’ll let him do the introductions. Welcome aboard champ!

Hi everyone!

My name’s Louis Cooper – a 19 year old Tasmanian foodie, travel enthusiast and preacher of a healthy lifestyle spent pursuing personal goals, spending quality time with friends & family, and doing what you love.

For me, my love of travelling and different foods/cuisines stemmed from my family background, with my father being Swedish and my mother being British. Having the privilege of spending 10 weeks overseas, travelling to numerous countries/regions such as the United Kingdom, North America, South Africa and all across Scandinavia ignited a spark that set off a new passion of mine – cultural experiences.

I thoroughly enjoy seeking out new areas to explore, cafes and restaurants to indulge my sweet-and-savoury tooth in, and new recipes to create.


Till next post,




Welcome on board Louis! To get more of those delicious recipes, make sure to follow us here!
You can also find him on Instagram @louis_eats

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