Things To Do In Melbourne: The Domestic Traveller Guide To The Queen Victoria Night Markets

The Queen Victoria Night Markets are on again for Winter 2016 and here are the steps you need to take to get the most out of your experience!

The Winter Night Markets are on from 1st June to 30th August 2016.

Having been to the last few night markets over winter 2015 and summer 2016, I had to show someone around to see whether The Domestic Traveller Guide stacked up. And you know what – I got the double thumbs up. Without further adieu, here’s all that you will ever need to consider when heading down to the Queen Victoria Night Markets.

1. Bring cash.
Yes, yes, we all love pay wave but maybe now is a good time to get reacquainted with an ATM or *gasp* a branch, and get some money out. I’d recommend $50 as the maximum I would take with me. I mean seriously, if $50 doesn’t satisfy you, then you didn’t eat lunch or you’re ruining the food you’re eyeing as your eyes are a bit too big for your stomach.

2. Loop de loop
Work your way from the outside in. Having been multiple times, your best bet is to go in a clockwise direction, hitting the outside stalls first before going for the inside ones. No, you’re not buying any food yet. I don’t want you having foodies remorse or worse want to eat something but don’t have the stomach for it.

Please note, these directions are based upon having the Fancy Hanks restaurant behind you. When you hit the internal stalls, the ones on the left are the heavenly wines and desserts and on the right are your product stalls. The middle section is filled with people. And in true social media fashion, they are either on their phones or in wonderment looking around without considering the people that surround them. This is a recipe for disaster asI have witnessed many wines and food plates being dashed against their owners. You’ve been warned. Don’t become a disappointed market visitor, having to re-queue or worst of all, be the person that loses the last of the food for the night.

3. Choose your food.
Going to the night markets is definitely a social event. If you go by yourself, and you followed the above two steps, then you know what you want and are willing to queue for the food you want. If you go with people, you’d be able to hit multiple stalls at once. One person can do the food and the other person can do drinks or their own meal. Divide and conquer all the way!

Navigate to each other with care and if it’s not raining, then head for the peripherals to sit and eat. You may get the smokers and the vapers but at least you’re getting a seat to enjoy your delicious meal.

And there you have it. The Domestic Traveller Guide to the winter night market.

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