Warm Up This Winter at the Queen Victoria Night Markets

The guide written, it was time to test it out. Can we get the best out of the night markets? Turns out… it can.

Going with my good friend GK, who had never been before, I tested out my new guide to the Night Markets and showed her around. She was gracious enough to allow me to pause every now and again to take photographs of (nearly all) the stalls whilst enjoying the wafting smells that would’ve driven a hungry person insane.

I could write superfluously or I can allow you to enjoy the pictures. And in true fashion to the guide, we went from the outside in. Walk along in our footsteps!

The product stalls on the outside.IMG_7247

The Soup Factory


It’s no wonder people were not feeling the cold with this on offer


My favourite repeat from last year: Mulled Wine!



Mulled Wine




I am getting to the food. I promise….

And finally… our choices – I went for Harry Potter whilst GK went for Lord of the Rings.


Filled with pulled pork and fries drizzled with what I swear tasted like truffle salt, my mouth was in heaven!IMG_7339 The meat was cooked tenderly and the spicy mayo was the slight kick that the food needed.

Well slight kick I needed to keep me warm during the chilly Melbourne night.

The other main item I was dying to consume was the Vietnamese Fried Chicken from The Brass COQ.
Was it worth the $12? Absolutely.
Could it be topped? Yes, I was the last one for the night!


The Mulled wine is a must. Even if that’s all you go there for. And make sure that you drink responsibly as you could easily tip over the limit.

And the live band was awesome! I’m going to be keeping an eye out for them in my hunt for local homegrown talent!


The night markets just keep getting better every year in my opinion and you absolutely must go!

TDT: 4.5/5.0

Come away with me – your next adventure awaits

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