The Domestic Traveller Guide to Pokemon Go

You want to be the very best, the best that ever was. Then you need to train with the best and to do that, you need to move. Lucky for you Melbourne has it all. Including the rare PokeTram!

Pokemon Go launched on 6th July 2016 in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. In that time, it’s suffered server crashes, reports of muggings whilst at the same time amazing stories of people with various mental health issues reconnecting with the world. Needless to say, this is one massive win for Nintendo and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Niantic Inc., is the same company behind Ingress, one of the first apps that ventured into the Augmented Reality (AR) world. I believe that it worked on a simple capture the flag method whereby to conquer certain checkpoints, you won by being more of one team in the area. There are a few tips with Ingress that many have already explored and will be part of a later post in the series.

The below guide is what I have learned from playing the game for a couple of days and over a weekend. They are broken up into different sections. Bookmark this page as I will be updating it as I discover more. Or sign up for the newsletter and never miss a post!


Staying safe
When you’re out and about, be aware of where you’re going. There have been too many cases of twisted ankles, stepping in dog poop and walking into poles that we could easily have a year’s worth of funny videos in a day. Guessing by the phenomenal growth of this app, that time could easily be reduced to half a day (and I hazard an hour). So first and foremost, please be safe. This means watching where you’re going at all times.

The first step though is the original issue with the Pokemon app that ha[s]d some crazy privacy issues with it – especially on the iOS version. The latest patch fixes the issue but it’s sufficient enough for me to consider the other move. I’d highly recommend creating a separate account for it and using it solely for the game. That way, if those servers or data stations are compromised, an empty account is lost. Not one filled with important emails, photos, and contacts. Digital safety is important too.

Look for PokéStops – these are your areas  (of interest) that dispense the all important spare Pokéballs and other items that will enable you to improve your Pokémon: health potions, incense and whole raft that I will cover shortly.

What to take with you when go exploring?
Good walking shoes.


That, a bottle of water, and a charged phone power pack.

Shoes must be comfy because there will be plenty of walking as that’s how incubation works (you need to walk to hatch your Pokémon and yes the app must be running).

Water is essential. You’re going to be working up a sweat and if not, it’s always good to be hydrated.

You could carry snack bars but maybe that’s over the top. Unless you are planning to go exploring on the weekend, in which case, get some bars.

If you are going exploring at night, make sure you go with a bunch of friends and stay away from dark places. No matter how rare the Pokémon is, you don’t need to put your life in danger.

As of writing this, only the original Pokémon have been included in the game. This adds to the nostalgic appeal and hits the right demographic (people that have the ability to spend and willingness to do so). I wouldn’t be surprised if more games started coming out from that time period.

What to expect in this guide?

  • The Basics
  • Tips and Tricks or How To Level Up Fast
  • Business Ideas and Case Studies
    • Individuals
    • Small Business
  • FAQs

Once again, you can keep intouch with all the upcoming posts by joining the quest to be the very best!

The above artwork has been completed by Rob, a talented artist behind Everyone Loves Cartoons. If you liked it, please leave a comment or follow his handiwork!

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