When I Grow Up – Matilda the Musical Review

Musicals aren’t something that immediately jumps out as a “must-do” event. Heck, it wasn’t a thing until I was coaxed into seeing Jersey Boys in 2012 or 2013. And that changed everything.I had no idea what the Jersey Boys were until it brought back a flood of childhood memories listening to Frankie Vallie cassette tapes  and since then, I have chosen to keep an open mind.

The next one was the Lion King Musical at the start of this year. That’s a blog post all by itself but  alas, that’s not why we are here.

You see, I had seen the movie when I was a kid but it didn’t leave a lasting impression. However, I am a big fan of Tim Minchin. His satire and ability to weave current affairs into his songs is completely inspiring. You’re often left laughing at the words, only to end up pondering the questions that he raises. It’s an intellectual man’s humour.


Our ABC (Australian Broadcasting Centre) ran a documentary on how it all came about, and Tim’s dream to do this musical back in 1994 and not having the courage to do so… maybe I am doing it a disservice. If the show is still available on ABC iView, then I highly recommend you watch it. It’s called “Matilda and Me: When I Grow Up”.

It was this exact moment that sealed the deal for me. This brief instant that made me say “Yes! I need to go see this!!”

Here is what you can expect to see!


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